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"Winter Royalty"
signed and numbered print

30 1/2" x 22"

"Grandma's Bath"
signed and numbered print

7 7/16" x 11"

"Listen Little Brother"
signed and numbered print

10" x 9 1/16"

Moss Porcelain Ornaments

"Cat in the Hat III"

"Snowy Ride"

"Bright Eyes"

"Scarlet Splendor"

Pat Buckley Moss

Patricia Buckley was born on May 20th, 1933 in Staten Island, New York; the second of three children of an Irish-Sicilian marriage. Her artistic potential was recognized at a young age, and she was given a place at Washington Irving High School in Manhattan, where she received four periods of art per day.

 In 1951 she earned a scholarship to The Cooper Union, from which she subsequently graduated in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. In 1964 her husband's work took the family to Waynesboro, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where P. Buckley Moss came to know the Amish and Mennonite people who lived in the Valley. Much impressed by their ethics of hard work, integrity and their love of family and the land, Ms. Moss started to incorporate these people into her Valley paintings.

 She won her first major art award in 1967, the prize for which was a one-person exhibition. The exhibition was a sell-out and the success encouraged her to start seriously marketing her work. The uniqueness of her style and the warmth generated by her subject matter quickly won her wide-spread recognition. Working in watercolor, etching and silkscreen she is widely known in this country and also regularly exhibits in Japan where in 1990 she was given an exhibition of 53 of her paintings and etchings at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum.

 Ms. Moss is also well known on two other accounts, her work with special education groups and her donations to charity. Herself a dyslexic, Moss has become a role model to the learning impaired and is a frequent speaker to special education and handicapped classes. This aspect of her life was featured in a segment of the CBS Charles Kuralt program on September 14, 1988. Charles Kuralt described Moss as the People's Artist. Donations by Moss of her paintings and prints have raised more than 1.5 million dollars for charities in this country and for relief services in Africa. Assisting Moss in her charity work is the P. Buckley Moss Collectors' society with its more than 70 chapters and membership of 14,000 (1993). The Society members identify charities associated with children's welfare that are properly constituted and which would benefit from a donation of artwork, arrange the donation and then work with the charity to effect the raising of money from the raffle or auction of the work.

Pat Buckley Moss has received many honors and recognitions, including:

 Commendation from the House and the Senate of the Commonwealth of VA.
 PBS 30 minute documentary film entitled "P. Buckley Moss: A Design for Living."
 Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts, Centenary College, NJ.
 Commendation from the Senate of the Commonwealth of PA.
 Commendation from the House of Representatives of State of Michigan.
 Conferred title of Special Honorary Citizen of Takamatsu, Japan.
 Citation, White House Points of Light Office.
 PBS 30 minute documentary "P. Buckley Moss Split the Wind."

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